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Updating news and events at Lotte Department Store


Dear valued customers,

Recently, there have been a number of organizations and individuals impersonating large businesses to scam customers using some sophisticated tricks. This behavior not only affects the reputation of the businesses but also encroaches and affects the rights of the customers.

Based on the feedback of many customers, the scammers claim to be employees of Lotte Department Store and employ various tricks to scam, such as:

- Transferring money in exchange for free gifts from the company

- Being added to attractive event groups with attractive invitations

- Promising high commissions for easy tasks like watching videos, viewing TikTok, etc


These fraudulent practices have been reported by authorities and the media, continuously warning consumers because of hitting on the greed of many people.

In response to this issue, Lotte Department Store officially announces that there are no programs offering free gifts on platforms that are not under the official management of Lotte Department Store (official channel list attached below). We strongly advise our customers to raise awareness of vigilance & precautions to avoid being scammed as follows:




- Do not register chat accounts such as Zalo, Telegram, Viber, etc., with any requests from strangers

- Do not transfer money in exchange for gifts in any form

- Do not join any Zalo, Telegram, Viber groups claiming to offer free gifts

- Do not accept commission payments or discounts by watching videos, TikTok, participating in online events, or any other form



- If you notice any suspicious signs, contact Lotte Department Store hotline or customer service department to verify the information

- Share this information widely with friends and family to prevent unfortunate incidents

- Purchase authentic products at Lotte Department Store, 54 Liễu Giai, Ba Đình, Hà Nội, or through the official online shopping platform at

- Like or follow the official online platforms of Lotte Department Store to stay updated with the latest information:


1. Hotline: 024 3333 2500 or Customer Service: 024 3333 2416

2. Website:

3. Fanpage:

4. Tiktok:

5. Instagram:

6. ECommerce website:

Sincerely thanks!

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