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Renew the Earth with Lotte Department Store

LOTTE Department Store’s RE:EARTH is an eco-friendly campaign with the meaning of 

‘Renew the earth again’.

It is a campaign to apply extensible to all business activities ranging from various eco-friendly products, packaging materials, store decoration and further implement for customer participation to encourage everyone to embody Re:Earth in their daily lives.



Art installation: “Re-Earth: the art of re-alive”


Inspired by hardworking little bees, LOTTE Department Store chooses the bees as ambassadors for the "Re-Earth - renew the earth again" campaign.




The project was completed using nearly 100 kilograms of recycled paper, skillfully molded by artists into a vibrant and innovative art space. It is hoped that this will provide customers with a sense of the ever-present brightness of life that stems from the small things around us.




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